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Beautiful and unique NFTs from Ai experts with a huge ecosystem. Combining revolutionary Web3 with artificial intelligence.

Ai Monkey NFT     Total supply: 1000

Unique Ai Monkey NFTs, Treasury System, Continuous Airdrops, Gift Tokens, DAO, VIP NFT, Ai Monkey Token and Games…

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Ai Monkey NFTs

Total Supply: 1000

Every NFT is exceptionally unique and captivating, created by our artificial intelligence artists.
Utility: AI Monkey NFT owners gain access to the benefits provided by Monkeyverse, including continuous airdrops, participation in the DAO, and VIP NFTs.
Every NFT is of equal value and carries the same rights and benefits.

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Ai Monkey NFT + Ai

The AI Monkey NFT team combines Web3 NFT technology with rapidly evolving artificial intelligence technology and utilizes it across various fields to generate profits, manage resources, and contribute to the Treasury. The development of our own trader robots is currently in progress, which we create using artificial intelligence. We provide access to these trader robots and utilize them for further profit generation and increasing the Treasury.

Ai Monkey NFT AI
Treasury System

Treasury System

The Ai Monkey NFT team is fully committed to supporting participants in Monkeyverse. Through the Treasury system, they ensure continuous rewards. 90% of the team’s revenue is used to sustain the ecosystem and provide ongoing airdrops. Rewards are distributed after snapshot moments.
The team’s incoming investor revenue, revenue from NFT sales, and 90% of the creator fee contribute to increasing the value of the Treasury, ensuring the continuous increase in value of NFTs, Airdrops, and Ai Monkey Tokens.

Ai Monkey Token

Ai Monkey Token is intended for use in the Monkyverse and to add additional utilities. The token will be introduced to NFT owners in the form of airdrops and sold on launchpads.
The Treasury system will ensure that the token price is kept stable and will help the price to increase. COMING SOON

Ai Monkey Token
Ai Monkey DAO

Ai Monkey DAO

NFT owners have the power to influence the future, important decisions, and direction of Monkeyverse.


VIP NFT System

Ai Monkey NFT holders will have access to additional VIP NFT opportunities, granting them further benefits and airdrops. These will be activated after the sale of all Ai Monkey NFTs.

The Roadmap for Ai Monkey NFT Owners

Roadmap Rocket Monkey
Ai Monkey NFT Roadmap 1-2
Ai Monkey NFT Roadmap 3-4
NFT Roadmap 5-6
NFT Roadmap 7-8

Join the real Monkeyverse community!

Why would you settle for being just a simple spectator when you can take part in our countless exciting events? During our gatherings, you can explore the magnificent world of Monkeyverse, where new adventures await you every day. Whether it’s exclusive gaming competitions, thrilling giveaways, or even airdrops where you can get free gifts, as a member of our community, you will always be among the first to seize these opportunities!


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